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School on Electron-Phonon Physics from First Principles

Deadlines for applications: 1 December 2017 / 15 January 2018
Applications open 10 November
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The School addresses senior PhD students and experienced researchers with prior working knowledge of DFT.

Theoretical and hands-on training will focus on ab-initio calculations of many properties relating to the electron-phonon interaction, for applications in condensed matter physics, materials physics, and nanoscience.

Starting from an introduction to the background on electron-phonon physics and related materials properties from the point of view of ab-initio calculations, we will show the participants how to perform cutting- edge electron-phonon calculations using a suite of electronic structure codes, including EPW, Wannier90, Quantum ESPRESSO, and ABINIT.

24 May 2017

EPW got a 10-fold scalability improvement from collaboration with the European POP service. Read more about it here.